Welcome to SnehDeep’s Kitchen

Me: “Mom, I am so hungry and tired! It was such a hectic day at college! What are we eating in dinner tonight?”

Mom: “Sweetie, I have told you many a times that either you or your dad should tell me what to cook before going out for the day. Cooking is never a challenge for me. In fact, I love cooking but the most challenging part is to decide the menu for each day.”

With the fridge filled with vegetables and kitchen full of groceries, I could never understand the so called challenge in Mom’s kitchen life.

Post marriage, I saw my mother-in-law struggling with the same issue. One day she said, “Why is it so difficult for you guys to assist me with the menu each day. I spend more time to decide the menu than to cook and the end result turns out to be a repetitive, not so exciting food menu in your daily life.”

Oh no! Not again. The same old menu saga continues here too ! As usual I could not understand the real issue and I safely chose to ignore.

After the first year of my marriage, my husband, Deep got a job offer from US and after long deliberations at home, we decided to move to US. I left my job and went with him to US on dependent visa. I always loved cooking but never had the time to experiment in the kitchen. Being the homemaker in US, I got this opportunity and I had no other option but to grab it with both hands.

Within the first month itself, I realized it is not a piece of cake to manage the kitchen, even if it is for only 2. My struggle was twofold – “What to cook” and “How to cook?” The “How to cook” challenge seemed to be very trivial – thanks to the numerous blogging and cooking sites available in Internet. However, I continued to struggle with the strategic decision making 🙂  required in kitchen each day with respect to “What to cook”. I could very well correlate with my Mom and Mother-in-law. I soon realized that this is a universal problem and I decided to do my bit in this regard. So here I am (self proclaimed Chef. Sneha Modi), sharing with you all my daily cooking menu along with recipes.

While various blogs and websites talk of “How to cook”, SnehDeep’s Kitchen stands apart with the detailed menu of “What to cook” for each day. The attempt is to serve as daily guide to all the wonderful people out there preparing delicious, healthy food for their loved ones.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to SnehDeep’s Kitchen”

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A daily guide on “What to cook?" And "How to cook?”